Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Michaela Walczuch ‘Seen’, Jenny Murat Says And Kate McCann Screams

Madeleine McCann: Michaela Walczuch ‘Seen’, Jenny Murat Says And Kate McCann Screams

by | 19th, November 2007

robert-murat.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE – WHY WE KNOW SHE IS ALIVE. Investigators say she was abducted”

Aren’t the Portuguese police working on the theory that Madeleine McCann is dead..?

Maybe. But detectives at the Metodo 3 agency hear a woman tell of a blonde girl in a van with a woman 90 miles from Praia da Luz

Says Francisco Marco, who heads the team of Spanish private detectives: “We’re 100 per cent sure she is alive. We are very close to finding the kidnapper”

Hurry! This is only a six-month contract. More progress reports to follow…

Page 7: “Madeleine hope – We’re convinced she was snatched say investigators.” Although the evidence to support their convictions appears uncertain

“Murat’s mum insists: “He was with me” – Jenny Murat says of the McCanns’ three friends who claim to have seen her son Robert Murat loitering close to the couples’ apartment – Russell O’Brien, Rachel Oldfield and Fiona Payne: “I just don’t know why they are lying…We were sitting in the kitchen talking the whole evening”

DAILY MIRROR front page: “MURAT’S GIRL ‘HAD MADDY – Witness: I saw her bundle child into car”

A witness tells detectives (private ones) she “saw Michaela Walczuch hand a youngster to a man 90 miles from Praia da Luz”

Is she certain? Maybe blonde women all look similar to Spanish eyes, just like blonde Moroccan children can look like Madeleine McCann?

The PIs show the witness a series of photos. One picture is of Michaela Walczuch

Pages 4 and 5: “Murat’s girl and the child in a blanket – TEC’S ‘100% SURE TO FIND HER’”

The witness says they saw Ms Walczuch pass the child from one car to another on May 5. Her memory is vivid…

Says Clarence Mitchell: “Kate and Gerry are extremely encouraged by this latest sighting

On tonight’s Panorama TV show, viewers hear that “GP” Kate was offered a deal to confess – she would get just two years choky for manslaughter. Replied Kate, as overheard by her sister-in-law Philomena: “No, no.”

Says Philomena: “The emotion…her disgust, everything was being conveyed, the anger was palpable, you could feel it.”

Philomena was not there. She was on the phone to the McCanns’ holiday apartment

“’McCanns not killers…child was abducted’” – So says the Mirror’s Anton Antonowisz, the man they named twice, from the city of New York, New York

He has seen the CBS show 48Hours. Joseph Moura is a Boston-based PI. And he says Madeleine was abducted


Michaela Walczuch is a “German divorcee”

Page 7: “WITNESS SAW HER HAND OVER CHILD – Suspect Murat’s girlfriend accused on Maddie”

We know the name Michaela Walczuch. But we don’t know who the witness is…

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE PARENTS ‘WE LIED’ – Amazing new revelation

Pages 8 and 9: They lied? So says Joseph Moura for CBS entertainment, USA: “They would have had absolutely no possibility of seeing someone going in or out of that apartment from where they were that evening. They may have lied about being able to see it because they feel guilty about leaving the kids. But these white lies would not have helped the police investigation”

“Kate insists she is a caring mum” – Says Kate McCann in a video diary being made by a friend, John Corner: “There’s not a day goes by that I’m not thinking ‘Why did I think that was OK?’ I have to keep telling myself I am a responsible parent. We were dining very close to the children and we were checking on them very, very regularly. We are very responsible parents and we love our children so much”

“MURAT ‘LOVER’ RIDDLE” – Says Michaela Wulczuch: “I am not answering your questions”

DAILY MAIL page 5: “Murat’s lover ‘was seen with girl who looked like Maddie’”

A column-high picture of Michaela Walczuch

“KATE’S FURY AT POLICE OFFER OF A DEAL” – Gerry McCann’s older sister Philomena McCann says she heard the “39-year-old GP’s anguished response during a phone call from the couple’s apartment in Praia da Luz”

Says she: “My sister Patricia phoned me and, while we were talking, I could hear this screaming – shouting and screaming. It as 3am and Trish ran out with the mobile and I could hear her say to me, ‘Hold on, it’s Kate’. There I am listening to Kate screaming at the lawyer “No. No”

Is Kate McCann on a mobile phone to Patricia while Patricia is talking on another phone with Philomena?

“LIE DETECTOR TEST SNUBBED” – Dan Cargill has offered to test Kate McCann. Mr Cargill is the chairman of the British and European Polygraph Association. You might know him as the lying expert on TV’s Trisha. The McCanns declined his selfless offer

Says Mr Cargill: “I don’t think it was the McCanns’ fault. I was left with the impression the while thing was a PR exercise”

Says Clarence Mitchell: “Of course they are not going to take the test. It is inadmissible in Portugal and there are doubts about the accuracy”

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 15: “Madeleine police ‘have not ruled out abduction’”

Says Alipio Ribeiro, had of the Policia Judiciaria: “We are assessing all possibilities. New information reaches us every week. Doors are never closed in these cases because there’s always the surprise element”

THE TIMES page 21: “Madeleine was seized by predator who watched me leave flat, says father”

Says Gerry McCann: “I’ve no doubt that Madeleine was targeted and that makes us sick to the core to think that someone was watching us and our daughter and then targeted her. I think the true word is a predator

“They’ve watched me go in, come back out and then they’ve thought: ‘That’s the window of opportunity to get in and get back out’”

Says Alipio Ribeiro: “We have stronger assurances on certain aspects of the investigation, but it is also true . . . that we still do not have the solution.”

THE INDEPENDENT, THE GUARDIAN: No Madeleine news today

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