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Big Brother Jade Goody Kebab Repeats

by | 4th, January 2008

JADE Goody is back. Not that she ever went away. Like spilt milk on a Taxi’s back seat, Jade just sunk in deeper in to the fabric and curdled; hard to ignore; demanding to be dealt with.

Jade is on the Star’s cover page. “JADE BACK IN CELEB BIG BROTHER,” says the headline. Jade is pictured, as ever, with her mouth ajar.

Readers learn that last night the show Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack began, a change from last year’s Big Brother: Celebrity Bigotry.

But the show’s fans are nostalgic and the Star finds one commenter on a website who screams: “Bring Back Jade Goody!”

Ms Goody is not available for comment, appearing on Celebrity Keep-Fit Video Makers In Tenerife, presented by Kilroy.

But if she is required to breathe fresh life into the moribund show, she should be invited to stand before a blue screen and repeat a variety of phrases to see which garners the most outrage…

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