Anorak | Switzerland’s Speed Trap On Suicidal Skiers

Switzerland’s Speed Trap On Suicidal Skiers

by | 5th, January 2008

swiss_army_knife.jpgSWITZERLAND’S ancient campaign to remain the dullest country on planet Earth breaks new ground as speed restrictions are placed on skiers.

As the Times reports, Switzerland is introducing hand-held speed cameras – “The first such nationwide controls will treat skiers like cars on the motorway.”

Says Angela Zobrist, a spokeswoman for the state-controlled Swiss Accident Insurance (Suva): “This is not another fun-spoiling campaign of the health and safety brigade and we don’t intend to raise a warning finger to all snow sport lovers. It is a genuine safety concern. You do not realise how fast you go, which can prove to be really dangerous if you impact with another skier or have any other incident.”

The required speed is less than 30km/h (19mph).

But how does a skier know they are speeding, until Wolfgang shows you the evidence? And how do you tell one skier from another? Look out for cases of mistaken identity and skiers taking the rap for repeat felons.

It should not go uncommented upon that Switzerland is noted for its relaxed laws on assisted suicide. It’s peoples must be grateful. Although Alpine scenes strewn with suicides will not promote Switzerland in the way it would like…

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