Anorak | Madeleine McCann: McCann Incorporated, McCann Ink And Going Back To Portugal

Madeleine McCann: McCann Incorporated, McCann Ink And Going Back To Portugal

by | 13th, January 2008

madeleine_mccann.jpgMADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

SUNDAY MIRROR: “Tapas 7 in despair at all the ‘lies’”

They say they are also called the Tapas Nine? And the Sangria Seven

“The Tapas Seven are “in meltdown” over the failure of Portuguese police to make any meaningful progress in the hunt for Madeleine”

“IT’S OUR D-DAY – McCanns return to Portugal – EXCLUSIVE Kate and Gerry set date in April for Algarve showdown They’ll tell cops: show your evidence or clear us for good”. Like that D-Day back on November?

“Despairing Kate and Gerry McCann are planning to return to Portugal for a face-to-face showdown with police who think they killed their daughter Madeleine”

They are going back. Now..?

Well, not exactly: “A close friend said the the couple were likely to go back after their ‘D-Day’ of April 11, when their three-month extension is up, and added: ‘They feel they’ve waited long enough with this cloud of suspicion hanging over them. They know their return would be very high-profile. They believe investigators do not have the evidence against them to bring charges, and their presence in Portugal would embarrass them. They’ve so far held off going back there, but they see it as their trump card”

They will go back once they have been allowed to see the police first on them

Says the paper’s source: “They see April 11 as their D-day. They have decided to give the police reasonable time to clear them, or at least open the case files so they can see the evidence against them”

That’s good of them…

FIONA Philips, of GMTV writes: “Have a heart”. Yes, that Fiona Philips

“Unbelievably, every time I write about the McCanns I get messages saying, ‘I used to like you, until you started supporting the McCanns.’ Nice, eh? So I hope you’re happy now that Kate and Gerry have blamed themselves for Madeleine’s disappearance”


“In a list of ‘if onlys’, Gerry said: ‘I wish I’d stayed in the apartment that night.’ Now, I expect more bile on praising them for considering making a documentary on the case. Surely you can’t tell me that there’s a parent out there who wouldn’t do anything possible to find their missing child?”

SUNDAY PEOPLE: “’We pray she’ll be at party for twins’”

“Brave Kate McCann is planning a huge birthday party for her twins – and dreams missing Maddie will be there too. Kate, 39, has vowed to go ahead with the bash for Sean and Amelie even though she is still waiting for cops to quiz her again. Mother-in-law Eileen said: ‘The party’s on and it will be an even bigger one if wee Madeleine is back. All we can do is hope and pray.’ Sean and Amelie turn three on February”

Touching stuff. Gerry McCann is a “heart specialist”

MAIL ON SUNDAY: “Madeleine: No film will be made unless she’s found – alive or dead”

“Kate and Gerry McCann have been told that the proposed documentary about their daughter’s disappearance can go ahead only if she is found – alive or dead.

A source says: “It was awkward to raise but there would need to be an ending – either Madeleine being found alive or a body being discovered. If this wasn’t the case, and there was a major development after filming and editing, it could render the documentary redundant”

Or the parents or some other person or persons are charged, perhaps?

THE OBSERVER: “A good week for … a bad week for …”

“A bad week for …

“Tradition – A Lib Dem MP called Lynne Featherstone has made a bid for the limelight by reporting the monarchy to the Equality Commission because it goes in for primogeniture”

“Marcus Agius The chairman of Barclay’s was the target of £10,000 fraud”

“Good Taste – Or indeed any taste at all. A London based agency which supplies celebrity doubles has employed a small girl to rent out as Madeleine McCann. 20 per cent”

It was a “good weeks for… Washing up”

“THE Maddie story is already a soap opera, so why the moral panic over a movie? – Don’t get me wrong – nobody wants to see Maddie: The Musical. However, needs must if the McCanns want to continue trying to find out what happened to their daughter and they do, despite the devastating expense (their somewhat unproductive detective agency alone costs £50,000 a month) and the increasingly shabby odds.”

Maddie: The Musical, eh..?

THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT: “Strange case of the detectives trying to trace Madeleine”

“After a week when commercials deals were more apparent than clues, we investigate the investigators”. Why not investigate the case?

“Just when the Madeleine McCann saga couldn’t get any more agonising, along came a raft of developments last week that began to achieve what you would hope would be impossible: turning a little missing girl into an industry – Madeleine Inc. Item: a London agency hawking around various small girls as Madeleine lookalikes. Item: US television bringing a team of psychics to bear on the disappearance as part of what they no doubt hoped would be a money-spinner of a show. Item: her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, exploring the possibility of selling the book and film rights to the case”

Madeleine became a brand long ago. Brand McCann

“Madeleine Inc bring benefits to some, but not, so far, to the girl herself or her distraught parents”

Or Madeleine Ink – see the press

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Ron Liddle writes:

“So, get yourself ready for Maddie – The Movie (PG, until you fancy nipping out for something to eat). Kate and Gerry McCann’s press spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, has confirmed that the couple met with representatives from the US entertainment company IMG before Christmas and that while nothing was agreed, the meeting had been ‘positive’. A day later Gerry McCann hastily backtracked and said no, no, they weren’t planning a movie. Who to believe? And which British actors will Hollywood cast as the parents if there is a film? Sacha Baron Cohen and Catherine Tate? Am I bovvered? Look at my face – is it bovvered? And maybe Matt Lucas as the shady-looking Robert Murat? Norman Wisdom as the Portuguese chief of police?”

Madeleine McCann: Fiction, faction and a single unbearable fact

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