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Madeleine McCann: The FBI, Maddy’s New Look And The Maddie Movie

by | 14th, January 2008

madeleine.jpgMADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY MAIL: “Madeleine eight months on: FBI expert shows how missing 4-year-old may look now”

No, it is not that ghoulish. This is how she would look were she alive…

“A haunting picture of Madeleine McCann as she might look today should be used in the hunt to find the four-year-old, a former police chief said yesterday.” It’s celebrity copper John Stalker, who now advertises burglar alarms on the telly, when he’s not talking to the papers

“State-of-the-art ‘age advancement’ digital techniques were used by an FBI expert to create the image, which shows how Madeleine might have changed over the eight months since she disappeared”

You can create the same computer wizardry on your home PC by taking a picture of Madeleine and using “guesswork” and “speculation” look at her haircut, build and clothes. Squinting at it the image will help…

Says Stalker: “My first thought when I saw the image was ‘Who is this little stranger?’ It was only after looking closer that I realised it was her – and that is why this image is needed so badly because many people could have walked straight past her”

Madeleine McCann is no stranger. That’s her with the auburn hair and red sweater; the black hair and blue top; the blonde hair and swimsuit; the Moroccan family

“New York Police Department forensic artist Stephen Mancusi”, who produced the picture, says: “This tragic ordeal would have taken her brightness away”

Well, maybe…

Says Stalker: “What makes it so realistic and tragic is that you can almost see the sorrow in the face – the pain of being away from her Mum and Dad for over eight months. We are looking for a new Madeleine”

“MADELEINE: McCanns fear police are ‘deliberately stalling in the hope that they get lucky’” – A friend of the McCanns says: “It seems like every week there’s another change in Portuguese law that hampers the investigation and delays the case further. The red tape is unbelievable. It’s not fair that police can take as long as they want. They obviously think they will get lucky and some evidence will fall in their laps”

DAILY MIRROR: “Cops told to drag out McCann inquiry”

A “close friend” says: “The police obviously think they will get lucky and some evidence will fall in their laps. Gerry and Kate know that won’t happen, because they know they’re innocent, but it’s not fair that police keep moving the goalpost”

The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell says: “We hope the bureaucracy can be dealt with as swiftly and efficiently as possible, it is unfair to keep Gerry and Kate in absolute darkness like this”


Louise A’Hern’s daughter is blonde. Some people think she looks like Madeleine McCann. This is her “hell”. Nicole could be a Madeleine lookalike. Says mum: “I’d let my daughter do the job for nothing. If it help’s Maddie’s parents I’d be delighted”

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “McCanns eager for police re-interview”

Says McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell: “Gerry and Kate, more than anyone, are anxious that the police complete their inquiries and eliminate them as soon as possible. If that means the police coming to Britain in the near future to re-interview Gerry and Kate and their friends, they are very keen for that to happen”

They are keen to speak with the Portuguese police…

Notes the paper: “He said that there was nothing to prevent the McCanns returning to Portugal, but there were no plans to do so in the immediate future”

But not that keen…

METRO: “McCanns ask for police interview” – See above

THE INDEPENDENT: “Conor Dignam On Broadcasting: The so-called ‘Maddie movie‘ could make compelling television”. Maddie? Maddy? Or Madeleine?

“The way this story was presented as a plan for a ‘Maddie movie’ says much about how the public and media perception of the McCanns has moved in the last six months. Both among the public and some sections of the media they are viewed with suspicion and hostility, despite the fact that no evidence has been put forward to support this perception…But the idea of a feature-length TV documentary about Madeleine McCann’s disappearance should be welcomed by anyone interested in trying to get to the truth of a compelling and terrible story.

“The fact that the McCanns are interested in the idea of such a project should be taken as further evidence that they have nothing to hide and simply want to do everything they can to get their daughter back. Who can blame them for that?”

Madeleine McCann: No news is still news

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