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Gordon Brown’s Shares Scandal

by | 14th, January 2008

gordon-brown-donation-1.pngTHE plan so far: Gordon Brown wants to take your organs.

For now, the talk is of waiting for you to first die, although do you really need two kidneys, two eyes (Gordon has made it to the top with just one) and two arms?

Indeed, now with hands free phones, Polish gardeners and Filipino maids, middle class women might need no limbs at all, and can surrender them to people who really need them, like our Olympic hopefuls, pensioners and builders.

Make body part sales tax deductible and the trade may yet take off and aid the UK’s balance of trade.

To the present, and Brown is in the Sun stood beside the headline: “I saw pal nearly die waiting for heart. Donor let him live.”

“British peoples are a giving lot,” says Gordon, noting the Blue Peter bottle tops appeal and donations made to good causes via the National Lottery.

“A friend from school was within a few hours of dying because there was no donor available,” says Gordon, whose heart aches. “People were doubting the operation could happen. Then an organ was found hundreds of miles away. A life that could have been lost now flourishes.”

The moral of the story is clear: the exiting system works just fine.

Thanks Gordon.

Thanks for sharing with us…

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