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Paul Burrell: Diana And The ‘Pitiful Charade’

by | 16th, January 2008

the-rock.jpgPAUL Burrell is at the Princess Diana inquest. He has in his possession a “last secret”.

What happens next leads to the “humiliation of Burrell” (Express) and a “FLOP SECRET” (Sun).

It was high time Burrell broke his silence. He owes it to Diana. And now he is ready.

The court waits. The room is alive with speculation. Would this be the moment Burrell reveals how the Queen Mother made a pass at him and when rebuffed threatened to reveal how Diana had asked for his hand in marriage and had worked incognito as a Lenny Henry lookalike for two years?…

Burrell has a letter. It is from the Princess. It features the lines “an important weekend” and “what a secret!” But he cannot find it.

The coroner orders him to “hotfoot” it to his Cheshire home and retrieve the missive. He journeys. But he cannot find it. It is, the Express reports, probably in America, at his other home.

But he divulges the contents of the letter in a note to the coroner. The note says that Diana had been considering a move abroad.

Says the coroner, Lord Justice Baker: “It doesn’t seem to me that they’re secrets at all. Both pieces of information are fairly and squarely in the public domain one way or another. One of them appears in your book.”

Which book? Burrell: Diana’s Swimsuits, Burrell: Diana And Her Sauces; Diana: Burrell, If Only We Could? The book is revealed to be The Way We Were.

The Sun says it is a “pitiful charade”. Or rather: Burrell: Diana And The Pitiful Charade…

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