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Brandon Davis Is Poker Shark Bait

by | 16th, January 2008

brandon-davis.jpgBRANDON Davis is a d-list, spoilt Hollywood twenty something. On the gossip pages he is called Greasy Bear. His family is rich. Very rich. They made money in oil. Davis is an oily heir. He once called Lindsay Lohan a “fire crotch”. He knows Paris Hilton.

And that’s as far as his CV goes.

Right now Davis is playing poker in Australia.

At one table in the Darlinghurst bar De Nom, the American socialite bought his way into a poker game eight times after a run of losses.

Australia’s Daily Telegraph says: “Buying in at a mate’s rate of $100 (usually $1000), the oily heir is understood to have lost his first lot within the first hour…

“With 40 players chipping in to play, the prize pool of $4000 was helped along by the visitor, who had to keep buying his way back into the game.”

The article is entitled: “Brandon Davis is bait for poker card sharks at De Nom.” He’s a fish out of water. An oily fish, granted, but nonetheless a fish.

The saying in poker goes that if you look around the table and cannot see the mug, then the mug is you.

Notes the paper: “Card sharks in Melbourne may want to keep their eyes peeled for the cashed-up amateur, with word he was planning to head south late yesterday to try his hand at the Aussie Millions poker tournament at Crown Casino.”

As one De Nom spy said, “he was so bad, they’re going to make a killing out of him.”

He was questioned by airport officials in Sydney because he had too much money on him, reportedly over $10,000 in cash. Airport officials were most likely perplexed as to how this hog got his hands on so much money.

“Sources said Davis then drove straight to Kings Cross where it’s believed he cleaned out one exchange bureau of Aussie dollars, before moving on to another.”Forget the oil. This is a gold rush…

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