Anorak | Sean Paul’s Music Gives Women Seizures

Sean Paul’s Music Gives Women Seizures

by | 18th, January 2008

ms-gayne.jpg“IT took “miracle” brain surgery, but now a Queens woman can listen to rapper Sean Paul without getting sick,” reports the New York Post.

Paul, a reggae rapper, has lent his name to Sean Paul Syndrome, a condition suffered by those who have never gotten over Top of Pops being the focal point of the musical weeks, and Bucks Fizz disbanding.

Reading on, though, we learn that Stacey Gayle suffers from musicogenic epilepsy.

Gaye recalls its onset, when she was at party and heard Paul’s song Temperature playing.

“As soon as the beat comes on, I don’t know what it is, it just triggers my seizure,” says Gayle. “It’s like a weird sensation you get, like a tingling in your head. I smelled something funny, a weird smell.”

Gayle could avoid Paul’s music by listening to brass bands or moving to Austria. Instead, she opted for brain surgery, it being the least nerve-wracking option.

She can now listen to Paul without fear. His song plays. “Had that been before, I would have been on the floor, obviously, having a seizure,” says she.

Men at wedding receptions know what she means…

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