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Amy Winehouse: ECSTASY And COCAINE Masterclass

by | 22nd, January 2008

drugs.jpg“AMY ON CRACK – NOSE DIVE TO OBLIVION,” announces the Sun’s front-page headline, a grainy picture of Amy Winehouse pulling on a pipe of sorts also features.

Helpfully, the Sun equips the picture with a time stamp, allowing our celebrity police to gather any evidence they need to pursue this “role model” with gusto.

The Sun invites one Shaun Bailey, a “youth worker”, to step forward and opine: “Amy should be arrested, for her own sake, and dealt with by the courts. Why should she get away with it?”

Why should Winehouse, a singer of rare talent, be allowed to take “hit after hit of the deadly drug after a 19-minute binge in which she snorted powdered ECSTASY and COCAINE” and not be pinched? It’s just so unfair.

But if not for us, let’s bang her up for her own good. “Sun columnist” Jane Moore tells us: “Surely, as such a danger to herself, the time has come to try to have her sectioned under the Mental Health Act?”

Winehouse is a danger to herself! Winehouse is a danger to impressionable youngsters! All nodding heads agree that Winehouse is some sort of role model (well, she does appear in the tabloids).

But the message might be that drugs don’t work for everyone. Winehouse’s alleged livener of cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and valium will not induce talent in just anyone.

As such, budding signers on reality TV shows should note that their chances of success may be better served by sticking to the tried and tested and pushing out their teeth, chest and backside…

* Anyone keen to learn how Winehouse allegedly takes drugs, and so best recognise the signs and avoid it, can see the Sun’s illustrative pictures and video….  

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