Anorak | Snorting With Derision At The Amy Winehouse Video

Snorting With Derision At The Amy Winehouse Video

by | 23rd, January 2008

amy-winehouse-paps.jpg“COPS SEIZE OUR AMY DRUG FILM,” announces the Sun, happy to assist our brave Bobbies in their purist of celebrities.

“STAR MAY BE CHARGED.”Amy Winehouse could end up before the Beak for appearing to smoke/snort/dunk something in her own private residence.

What crime she can be accused of should be left to more legal minds than us. But the generally accepted position is that she has corrupted the morals of the nation’s youth and should be made an example of.

We cannot have our celebrities smoking drugs. And if the music industry is awash with drugs – and there are rumours of other singers and degenerate music types partaking in narcotics – the industry should be shut down immediately.

It is time for a music amnesty.

All celebrities should be made clean and whole, lest the impressionable fans think it okay to have talent and spend a sizeable chink of their massive earnings on getting wasted.

We would go further and have all radio stations banned from playing any music produced by anyone thought to have taken drugs, booze, prescription medication, or a combination of all three.

On a happier note, this should facilitate a return to the fore for Teddy, Babs and Joy.

Take ‘em away, The Beverly Sisters…

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