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David Cameron Is Read The Road Traffic Act

by | 25th, January 2008

david-cameron-mp.jpgIN “CAMERON’S RED BLUES”, the Mirror continues its expose onto the life of David Cameron and watches him ride his bicycle through a red light.

“Cam-ikaze,” says the paper.

A pedestrian is angered enough to call the Daily Mirror and tell them all about it.
Cameron’s response to the matter was, apparently to say: “Well, I haven’t collided with anyone have I?”

But it is the pedestrian’s response that stands out. The Mirror hears him yell at the Tory leader: “Doesn’t the Road Traffic Act apply to you?”

These are the words of a pedant. Does anyone know the rules of the Road Traffic Act? Cameron appears wise not to have engaged the pedestrian in a debate on the Act and all its section and clauses.

And this is wise not least of all because if the pedestrian doesn’t get out the way sharpish he may well be run down by Mr Cameron’s car, the one carrying his briefcase…

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