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Blake’s Media Medium For ‘Dead’ Amy Winehouse

by | 27th, January 2008

seance.jpgTHE jailed husband of junkie singer Amy Winehouse has warned her: “Quit smoking crack or you’ll be dead in three months.”

Blake Fielder-Civil, Mr Amy Winehouse, is talking to the News of the World from his digs inside Pentonville prison.

Says Blake: “Every day I fear the prison chaplain is going to walk into my cell and break the news that Amy is dead.”

Readers may wonder how Blake, awaiting trial over allegations of trial-fixing and GBH, has managed to save up enough phone card credits to call the tabloid press, or if they have called him on secret mobile phone.

It turns out that Blake is speaking not directly to the papers but through his “devoted mum Georgette”.

Channelling Blake 

Mum’s eyes roll back into her skull as she channels her misled son. Says Blake:

“My parents have both pleaded with me to divorce Amy and I told her so before she finally agreed to go in for treatment. They think she’s the Black Widow who will be the death of me if I don’t end our marriage. But I’d prefer to have a short life with Amy than a long life without her.”

This is, of course, not mum talking but her boy.  Georgette is not like Amy’s mum, who wrote a letter to her daughter and then posted it to the tabloids. Georgette know how to communicate with her child.

A voice moves within her: “I understand their concerns. Drugs made me like a zombie. I was also selfish, self-centred and cruel-tongued…”

Mum understands. But do Amy’s parents, the in-laws? Do they understand as well as Georgette?

The voice returns:

“They have laid all the blame at me and I know they could have done more to force her into rehab a long time ago. I hate Amy’s father, Mitch. My mother calls him The Fat Controller. He is on Amy’s payroll. They are all on Amy’s payroll. What man takes money off his daughter? Mitch ought to be ashamed. He should get off his a*se, get his little black cab out of his drive and earn a living or do something and save his daughter.”

Georgette’s shoulders may well sag a little, her frame exhausted by the force of her son’s words.

Make It Stop! 

But still the words come. She jerks to life. Her jaw begins to wag:

“She is thin, she is bulimic and she looks ill. Bulimia is deadly in itself and I’ve tried without success to make her eat properly…. Pete Doherty is a bad influence and I don’t want her doing drugs with him. I have advised Amy to be very careful and stay clear.”

A red bra hovers before our eyes. “I told my mother, ‘It’s not very nice that every con in Pentonville is going to see my wife in a bra.'”


“My mum’s visits have been immensely important to me and I know she wants me to leave Amy. I would never turn my back on my mother and I pray that I never have to chose between my parents and Amy. So it is up to the two of us to get free of drugs and then everyone can be happy.”

Blake may well have more to say, but Georgette’s jaw is exhausted. Rest now…

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