Anorak | Madeleine McCann: Tabloid Snap, Metodo 3 PD and McCanns Innocent

Madeleine McCann: Tabloid Snap, Metodo 3 PD and McCanns Innocent

by | 28th, January 2008

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“A loner who looks like a drawing of a ‘creepy’ Madeleine McCann suspect has denied any links to her disappearance”

Joaquim Agostinho says: “It’s not me in the picture. I accept that the drawing looks like me”

The Mirror reports: “The former cockle picker, who lives in Altura, 90 miles from Praia da Luz, added: ‘I did not kill Madeleine and I’ve never been to Praia da Luz. I cannot even drive’”

But still his picture is in the paper in connection with a story about a missing child. Fingers are pointed

MADELEINE in Chile. What news of that? “Yesterday, police ruled out a “Madeleine” sighting in Chile after the girl was identified as American Haylee Dreyer, six”

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE – Amazing lookalike: ‘I did not kidnap and kill her’”

Mr Agostinho looks like an artist’s impression of man whom British tourist Gail Cooper says she saw acting hanging around Praia da Luz. He is the “oddball


Matches. Like in a game of snap? Snap! Snap! Snap!

“Investigators want to quiz a Portuguese drifter suspected of involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Detectives working for the youngster’s parents are to question Joaquim Agostinho, 42, in the resort of Altura”

Does he have to speak with the McCanns detectives?

“Mr Agostinho, who lives in Altura, said yesterday: ‘I did not kill Madeleine and I’ve never been to Praia da Luz. I cannot even drive.’ Altura is close to the Spanish border and detectives from Metodo 3 – the agency working for the McCanns – were last night travelling there from their headquarters in Barcelona”

Again, does he have to speak with private detectives?


“Detectives are to quiz a drifter who looks uncannily like a mystery suspect in Maddie McCann’s disappearance. Joaquim Agostinho, 42, denies he is the creepy man depicted in a sketch issued by parents Kate and Gerry McCann

“But Metodo 3, the Spanish private investigators hired by the McCanns, are taking the possibility seriously”

Is Metodo 3 now a police force?

A source close to Metodo 3 says: “We are going to be talking to this man as a priority, to establish if he is the one Mrs Cooper saw”

What of the McCanns?

COPS now accept Kate and Gerry, both 39, may be innocent in Maddie’s disappearance, it has emerged. They have so far clung to just one theory — that Maddie was accidentally killed and her parents disposed of her body. Now they are taking seriously the alternative that she was snatched from the holiday apartment last May — which Kate and Gerry have always insisted must have happened”

DAILY MAIL: “Is this drifter the man in Madeleine drawing?”

Mr Agostinho says no. He delivers newspapers for a living. He says he is innocent
Metodo 3 are looking to speak with him

DAILY STAR: “MADDIE: THREE MEN RULED OUT – McCanns’ new hopes shattered”

It’s not Joaquim Jose Marques – police have ruled him out; and the Star was so certain

It’s not the girl in Chile – she’s a girl on holiday with her family

It’s not Joaquim Agostinho – he says it’s not him

METRO: “Twins play ‘find Maddie’”

“Leading world sex crimes expert Ray Wyre” has met with Kate and Gerry McCann
He sees the McCanns’ twins children. Wyre tells the paper: “They said they were going to go and find the monster that took Maddie. Then they dashed off to play the game. It’s a sad story, but it is healthy that Madeleine remains a real presence in their lives”
“A spokesman for the McCanns denied the story”

Madeleine McCann: No news is still news

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