Anorak | Madeleine McCann: Four, Three Men, DNAboost And Risk

Madeleine McCann: Four, Three Men, DNAboost And Risk

by | 29th, January 2008

maddiestory.jpgMADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY STAR: “Cops slam pics of Maddie suspects – Innocent people are put at ‘risk’”

“Four” people who look like the drawings inspired by holidaymaker Gail Cooper have now been questioned by police

So says the Star. Although on closer inspection Jose Marques plus Joaquim Agostinho plus a Portuguese builder in Gibraltar makes three, not four

Celebrity criminologist Francisco Moita Flores says: “It is manipulation and propaganda.” No, not the Star’s reporting, rather the sketches

DAILY MAIL: “Fourth man questioned in Maddie e-fit probe”

When is an e-fit a drawing? Compare and contrast

The Mail sees the Portuguese builder questioned and then freed. “At least” three other men have been questioned

THE SUN: “SUPER DNA ‘WILL CLEAR McCANNS – They welcome new-style forensic tests”

A tiny sample is, reportedly, found in the McCanns’ Renault Scenic hire car. How did it get there? From her clothes, say the McCanns. “Another theory was that Maddie’s younger brother and sister may have similar DNA,” says the Sun

And there’s a new test. It’s called DNAboost. DNAboost “can separate or ‘clarify’ profiles and unravel tiny samples”

With DNAboost what you thought had gone comes back with a bang!

DAILY MIRROR (online): “McCann pics fury”

Always the “fury

Police in Portugal “claim Kate and Gerry McCann are hindering the probe into missing Madeleine by releasing sketches of the possible kidnapper.

One detective says the drawings were too vague and could “identify dozens or hundreds of people”

“But McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell hinted more sketches could be on the way ‘if we get any more information’”

THE INDEPENDENT: “Alastair Campbell: The Cudlipp Lecture”

“In an era of more pages, more space, more access, more talk, there is less said and done that is truly memorable. Even in Dacre’s apologia he could only draw on Stephen Lawrence – again – as the story where he felt the Mail made an impact and did some good. Similarly, in his Mactaggart Lecture Jeremy Paxman said the BBC constantly pointed to Planet Earth as evidence of good TV combining with good ratings, but did so precisely because it is a rarity. And with every front page screaming headline that doesn’t quite deliver the big story, every exclusive that isn’t, every whooshing breaking news that isn’t really breaking news at all, every new twist in the McCann case that isn’t a new twist at all, the public gets a little wiser every time”

We recognise the spin, says Mr Campbell – “Media spin to fill media space.” And we might even recognise the irony…

Madeleine McCann: A media feeding frenzy 

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