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David Beckham Inkling Of Posh

by | 31st, January 2008

beckham-tattoo.jpg“BECKS has a new girl on his arm..” announces the Mirror.

No, it not Cheryl Cole. It’s “HIS MISSUS”.

Readers get to see a picture of topless Beckham stood on beach. Down one arm are gangster tattoos. On the other is a picture of a topless Victoria Beckham in Betty Boo pose with “VICKY” running through a arrow to her heart.

Well, not quite. Although it might be because even equipped with an arrow, what occurs on Beckham’s left arm looks more like a fungal infection than a tattoo of any deliberate design.

The Mirror, however, it adamant that what we gazing upon is a rendering of Day-vid’s favourite picture of his wife, that one in which she sits on a chair and pouts. You may have seen it.

But it’s a bit tricky to see it on Beckham’s arm. Unless, of course, Victoria has become a two-dimensional black outline, in which instance, the likeness is spot on…

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