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UK Immigrants Are Sent To Coventry

by | 1st, February 2008

coventry-city-an-illustrated-history-w125.jpg“TEN MILLION IMMIGRANTS”

“Britain WILL be swamped, admit Labour advisors.”

Whatever we think about immigration, honesty must be the best policy. And hats off to the Express for bringing us the bare facts on its front page. Rest assured, it’s what Princess Diana and Madeleine McCann would have wanted.

The Express says the “explosion in numbers” adds a city the size of Coventry to the UK population every two years.

More people – hell, more Coverntry – means more ramraiders, more John Guants, more television licence defaulters, more single mums and more flooding. It stands to reason.

Helpfully, the Express is doing its bit to prevent a Britain overtaken by Coverntries, by telling one and all that “killer” storms are to hit the UK for the next 25 years; David Beckham no longer plays for England, but lives and works in America; fly-tipping is soaring; and Briton is overrun by Rogarian immigrants…

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