Anorak | Breaking Down With Britney Spears, By Osama Lufti

Breaking Down With Britney Spears, By Osama Lufti

by | 2nd, February 2008

JAMIE Spears, father to Britney Spears, has been granted a civil restraining harassment order against Brit’s aide Sama ‘Osama’ Lutfi for 22 days.

Says Sam in UsWeekly: “Oh boy, her family is crazy! It’s funny because that’s what the doctors say when they meet the family. They always come back and say, ‘You know, [her problems] are inherited, right?’ It’s just so sad. It’s shared equally from both of her parents…

They (Brit’s parents) show up to the house like hillbillies, texting me. I find out that they’re outside, and they go, ‘You better let me in the gate, you ass.’ So I go, to Britney, ‘Your parents are here, let them come in and yell at you and scream at you. If anything else goes on, I’ll throw you in my car and take you out of here.’ She said, ‘OK, fine, baby.’ I let them in. Instead of going to see how Britney is, they come bouncing through the doors. They scream at me, ‘Why the fuck are you talking to Barbara Walter!’ I swear to God that’s all they were saying.

“The dad pushed me in the chest and said, ‘Get the fuck out of here.’ The dad gave up and then the mom tried to talk to her, but Lynne was like, ‘I gotta get my beauty sleep, I gotta get my nails done, I gotta do my hair.’ It was just so sick. We made the mom stay…

“‘Britney, do you see why people think you are crazy? Look at your mother and look at your father.’”

Is everyone around Britney Spears experiencing meltdown?

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