Anorak | Heather Mills Stands Alone To Face Sir Paul

Heather Mills Stands Alone To Face Sir Paul

by | 5th, February 2008

heatherfakelegs.jpgFEW who can remember when Heather Mills gave Judge Jeffries a bloody nose will be surprised by the headline: “HEATHER TO GRILL MACCA IN COURT.”

Some may worry at how this sits with Heather’s, as yet unconfirmed, role as special envoy to his Holiness the Pope. But if there is one thing a UN Goodwill Ambassador can do, it is to oil the body and grease the wheels of power.

So, as the Mirror reports, next week Heather will question her estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney across a room in London’s High Court.

Heather, representing herself, “is expected to repeat sensational allegations that the former Beatle was abusive and violent after drinking and drug binges”.

The encounter is billed as “no holds barred”, “not pretty” and “gloves off”.

The mental image is of Mills trying to smack McCartney about the head with a prosthetic limb, as Paul harks back to his Beatles pomp and bobbles his noggin like in those halcyon days when he dated Penny Lane.

This is “all-out court war”, a “bloody confrontation” and “explosive”.

It’s Macca versus Mucca! Bobbler Versus Nobbler. Vegetarian versus Vegetarian!

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