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Mr January Catches A Bus In Cornwall: A How To Guide

by | 8th, February 2008

country-bus-stop.pngIN How To Catch A Bus, we learnt how to catch a bus in an urban setting.

Now in Module 2 of the Anorak Academy degree course in Buses In The Media (Studies), we look at how to hail the bus in the countryside.

The two may appear linked, and in some ways they are. But there are key differences that need to be studied.

We open the Mail’s text book and see Mr Alan January stood at a bus stop in Cornwall. He is readying himself for the arrival of the advertised 6.55pm bus to Truro.

The bus approaches. Mr January assumes the position. He waves both hands over his head. He smiles, grins, even.

The bus driver fails to stop.

Mr January has not been passed by the driver on four occasions. It is only his knowledge gleaned from his career as a walking tour guide that has saved Mr January from sitting down on a cow pat and rotting to death.

Mr January has now reached what passes for civilisation in those parts, and written to Truronian buses. He tells us: “Now they have written to me to say there were sorry, but the bus didn’t stop because I wasn’t signalling to the bus in the correct way.”

It turns out that the correct way is to place your left hand an angle of 90-95 degrees perpendicular to your body. You should keep your mouth closed and maintain a conscientious yet unthreatening gaze.

Feet should be at a “10 to 2” position, or, if you are local, “10 to 5”…

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