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Prostitution And Politics: Government Clamp Down On Legal Activity

by | 10th, February 2008

vice-cards.jpgTHE Times reports: “Ministers want to block the phone numbers of prostitutes who advertise their services in newspapers and telephone booths in an attempt to stifle the illegal sex trade.

“Police forces would identify suspected prostitutes to the telephone companies, which would be required to cut off their numbers.”

So if you are suspected of being a prostitute – not proven – you will have your phone cut off?

Prostitution – exchanging participation in sexual activities for money or other goods – in the UK is not illegal but there are a number of offences linked to it. For example, it is an offence to ‘procure’ a prostitute or to use premises as a brothel and thereby live off ‘immoral earnings’.

So the Government is going to cut off the phones of people engaging in legal activity?

And that’s not all. “It is 10 times more dangerous to work on the streets than in a flat. It will drive it underground,” says Cari Mitchell of the English Collective of Prostitutes.

Yes, the English Collective of Prostitutes. A Co-operative. Group sex, or a party line, as the Government would term it…

Note – Withough tart cards what would be the point of public phones boxes, although, admittedly, urinals are not as common as they once were?

Can you sticker a mobile phone? It costs a minimum of 40p to make a call from a BT phone box. Local calls on mobiles can often be free. Does this make a BT phone box a clip joint? And if clients use the boxes, is BT living off immoral earnings?

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