Anorak | A Tabloid St Valentine’s Day Special: Present Ideas, Celebrities And ‘Over Her Dead Body’

A Tabloid St Valentine’s Day Special: Present Ideas, Celebrities And ‘Over Her Dead Body’

by | 14th, February 2008

valentine.jpgTHE Daily Mirror is offering its readers a free Mills and Boon book.

That and the spray of forecourt carnations on the kitchen table tell you that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Old Mr Anorak, as ever, will be marking the occasion by taking a table at is local Aberdeen Steak House crying with laughter at the young tongue-tied couples buying into romance.

Meanwhile, we notice that the Daily Mirror is celebrating this day of love. The paper is so fond of Valentines Day – and all those sickly sweet stories, present ideas and filler:

FRONT PAGE: The off of an evening with a Mills and Boon paperback

Page 3: “Expert boiler care now form only £9 a month”

Page 14: “HALF PRICE” vacuum cleaner offer from Littlewoods Direct. More news on that Mills and Boon book. Soften her up with a love story, then seal the deal with the hoover


Advert for rom-com film, in which Eva Longoria is murdered by Paul Rudd following a romantic candle-lit dinner for two at a local carvery

Page 17: “HAPPY Valentine’s Day” – an announcement

Page 20: “find love” – An advert for dating services, to be taken up by lonely hearts and those of you looking at your options

Page 22-23: “I STILL LOVE MICK – Jerry Hall Exclusive. Says Jerry: “I honestly think that sometimes you’re only meant to be with someone for a certain period of your life.” When you’re young and firm

Page 23: “Buy one get one free” – National Tyres Valentines Day discount offer. Come on, dad, hurry!

Page 31: “LOVE IS IN THE AIR”: An overhead view of a field in Wiltshire. The farmer has carved a heart shape into the corn.

“LOVE low prices – ad advert for a new Rapide Power Jet Carpet Washer”

Page 34: “play around”. An advert for 3 phones, in which users are, it seems, invited to cheat on their partners by text and picture messaging other 3 users

Pages 36-37: Hot [and not so hot] dates”

LINDA Lusardi: “I just loved my dead dandelions”

Michael Strachan: “We had a huge row”

Lisa Maxwell: “We felt the wrath of Basil Fawlty”

Pages 38-39: “Don’t let the kids ruin you romance”

Get a 3 phone and “play around”. Get an au pair


Page 42: Alex Curran “BRITAIN’S FAVOURITE WAG” – say: “Hiya! Hope you’re having a ncie Vantien’s Day!”

Pages 48-49: “Happy Valentines” – messages to “SEXYBUM”, “ROCKET MAN”, “TUBELET”and more…

Love and hugs, Anorak….

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