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Can The Paedophile Now Appeal On Thought Crimes

by | 14th, February 2008

DIZZY wonders: “How long before the paedos appeal?”

Well isn’t ‘intent’ a funny thing? As the news yesterday showed, the courts have ruled that if you constantly download, watch and share material from the Internet of loony Islamist training for jihad; making bombs; blowing themselves and others up; or watching some poor sodding journalist have his head hacked off with a great machete then it’s fine and dandy if you can say that you’re just a fantasist and would never actually dream of carrying out such things yourself.Does this now mean that all those men convicted of downloading the violation of children can appeal their convictions on the line of ‘look, I know I had videos of 40 year old men buggering 4 year olds, but honestly m’Lud I wouldn’t dream of ever doing it myself, it’s just a bit of fantasising really! I know I shared them but I never dreamed that I might be encouraging such things by doing so’? Of course it doesn’t and there would, quite rightly, be a huge public outcry if it did. Yet that rather flippant example perfectly expresses the sheer absurdity of the argument being put forward that these lads were guilty of mere thought crimes and were not a potential danger.

I mean, it’s not like one of them ran away from a home and left a note saying he was off to fight Jihad abroad now was it? Oh wait, what am I saying, one of them did do that. The judgement that he was just a young impressionable mind and so was a pure innocent corrupted sounds a bit like a celebrity who did porno early in their career and then has to say they were ‘young and stupid’. What next, a person appearing in a video containing extreme violence defending themselves by saying that they were just being youthfully stupid, whilst another who watches it just promises everyone that it’s just for research whilst he mixes the paroxide?

Anorak is less certain. Watching and thinking are not the same as doing. If you can be jailed for what you think, what then?

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