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That White House Abba Play List In Full

by | 19th, February 2008

mccain-abba.jpgJOHN McCain likes Abba. He can very possibly name all four of the Swedish pop group in order.

McCain can be found of a night dressed in a clingy, satin, aqua marine trouser suit singing Dancing Queen and wondering if his home help, Fernando, can hear the drums?

This is known as adding colour to the political debate. Mr McCain is rumoured to favour the colour orange and pronouce Ka-bul, Kar-bull and not Kab-ul. His best funfair ride is the Spinning Cups.

The Republican candidate has taken with the notion of using Abba’s ‘Take a chance on me’ as his campaign song. But things have not gone to plan. As he tells reporters aboard his jet:

“It gets expensive in a big hurry and if you’re not careful you can alienate some Swedes,” he says.“If word gets out to Stockholm that we’re using Abba music, then there’ll be a worsening in U.S.-Swedish relations.”

Abba, it seems, will not take a chance of McCain.

What McCain realises, of course, is that there is an Abba tune for every agonsit.

As he says: “Dare I say ABBA. Everybody says, ‘Ehhh, ABBA.’ Why is that? ABBA was the largest selling (recording act ever). Nobody likes them but they sold more records than anybody in the history of the world, including the Beatles. But everybody hates them. (But) you’re a no-class guy if you like ABBA. Why does everybody go see ‘Mamma Mia?’ Hypocrisy! Rank hypocrisy! I’m not embarassed to say I like ABBA, ‘Dancing Queen.’”

And if elected, “the background music would be ABBA in the elevators all over the White House.”

That play list in full:

Barack Oabma: I Have A Dream

Hillary Clinton:  Does Your Mother Know (Chelsea Into the Mix)

You’re so hot, teasing me
So you’re blue but I can’t take a chance on a chick like you
That’s something I couldn’t do
There’s that look in your eyes
I can read in your face that your feelings are driving you wild
Ah, but girl you’re only a child

John McCain:  Super Trouper

Mitt Romney: Chiquitita 

Chiquitita, tell me what’s wrong
You’re enchained by your own sorrow
In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow
How I hate to see you like this
There is no way you can deny it
I can see that you’re oh so sad, so quiet

Mike Huckabee: SOS

Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find
I tried to reach for you, but you have closed your mind
Whatever happened to our love?
I wish I understood
It used to be so nice, it used to be so good

The name of the game

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