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Take A Ticket For Big Brother 9

by | 21st, February 2008

big-brother-susie.jpg“BIG BROTHER SHOCK PLAN WILL SAVE SHOW – Amazing twist to make new series most outrageous EVER”

Big Brother 9 will be more outrageous and shocking than Big Brother 8, which was more shocking than Big Brother 7, and so on.

The big twist is that wannabes who wanted to be on Big Brother 7 will be afforded the chance to be on Big Brother 9.

These failed Big Brother 7 applicants were the holders of Golden Tickets, bits of foil secreted inside special packet so KitKats.

The Star is upset by this and says “there are zillions of young men and women out there you would captivate viewers”.

No understatement there. And to prove how talented the UK is there are pictures of one “Snoozie” Susie Verrico bending over in her stockings and Danielle wearing a bikini.

It is an outrage that more of the zillions are not being allowed their chance to wear a short skirt and look back cheekily over their shoulders.

Readers offended by the bending of the Big Brother rules can stomp around and say how its “unbe-f*****g-lievable”, “so unfair” and have a hissy fit.

The dozen who can affect the most sense of self-righteous outrage can then be parachuted – still ranting – in to the house and thus help make BB9 as big a hit as BB8, BB7, BB6…

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