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Banish The Bag And Boycott The Daily Mail

by | 28th, February 2008

turtle-bag.jpgDAY 2 of the Mail’s Banish the Plastic Bag campaign and the turtle is still in dire straits.

Anorak calls upon readers to boycott the Mail until the turtle is freed from its plastic bag hell.

“The image that shows the urgent need to act,” says the caption beneath the picture of the wretched beast. “A giant turtle is draped in deadly plastic in what should be pure deep ocean.”

And, yes, that would be pure, deep ocean with a cameraman in it taking pictures of a turtle ensnared in carrier bags? No human helps; that’s a pity.

The Mail, though, is not listening. “M&S BANISHES THE FREE BAG,” it trumpets. The Mail says Marks and Spencer is to stop offering its customers free “poison plastic” carrier bags.

It’s a “major breakthrough for the Daily Mail campaign,” says the Mail. A “High Street giant responds to our campaign by showing what can be done.”

Mail readers cheer, including those ones holding their “Bag For Life” bags, the hearty plastic bag M&S has been giving its customers for some weeks. The store has been charging anyone not equipped with their big plastic bag for carrier bags for some time.

Shoppers can still get a carrier bag, but it will cost them 5p a go. And if the Bag For Life does not outlive its owner, M&S will replace your broken one with a new one. All this will, er, reduce the plastic bag mountain.

But the Mail is not listening. Its too busy looking at that poor turtle, and wondering what kind of a bag its shell would make. A tough and durable one, we’d wager…

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