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Amy Winehouse And Smart Drugs

by | 28th, February 2008

winehouse1.jpg“AMY back on E coke and dope,” says the Sun, words used to caption a picture of Amy Winehouse.

The headline might well read: “Amy Winehouse not back on crack.” But the Sun believes in tough love and accentuates the negatives.

Inside and the snapper’s flashbulb explodes in Winehouse’s face. Eyes widen. Pupils dilate. Evidence of drugs?

“FEARS that without drugs she is just a ZOMBIE,” says the Sun. Who? What? When? The Sun speaks as if in a trance.

A “friend” tells the Sun that Winehouse “deliberately burnt her hand with a lighter”, and told them: “My life is a shell of what it was. People talk to me and I just zone out. It’s like the whole world is now still born. Colours aren’t as bright, love doesn’t feel real. I don’t know who I am and I just feel numb.”

Stick a slow double bass in the background and you have Winehouse’s next hit song. But the Sun is upset, worried, even.

Says the paper’s Gordon Smart: “My heart sank on Brits night when I realised Amy Winehouse was back on the gear.”

Now Smart would have to abandon appraising Winehouse’s music and get back to telling about her drugs and the state of her bra.

‘Tis a crying shame…

As the Associated Press reports: Winehouse wants to postpone hearing. As muct we all…

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