Anorak | Princess Diana, Hasnat Khan And Al Fayed’s Protection Money

Princess Diana, Hasnat Khan And Al Fayed’s Protection Money

by | 4th, March 2008

di-khan.pngIT’S 3839 AD (After Diana) and there is news of the princess’s love life, as ever there was and will be.

“Diana dumped me for Dodi, says Hasnet,” says the Express on its front page.

For purposes of recognition, Diana wears a black dress and pearl-drop earrings. At first look, she appears alive, waiting for the photographer to reload his film and give her a break from being the country’s celebrity princess. But no break comes.

(Anorak readers can read Diana: The Cover Girl Years, a book in which a selection of the only people never to have met Diana comment on her hairstyles over the past ten years.)

Today’s Diana news also features on the Mail’s foremost page, where Diana is dressed in a white shroud-like robe. To her side is Dr Hasnat Khan, the man she dumped because she was “dazzled by the Fayed family fortune”.

Says Mr Khan: “I think Diana finally realised that Al Fayed could give her all the things I could not.” Adding, with a touch of bitter irony: “He had money and could provide the necessary security.”

He claims to have told her that a relationship with Al Fayed would tarnish her reputation. How wrong he was. Diana has never been held in such high esteem.

“You are dead,” he warned her.

Hasnat says this was a comment on her “reputation”, but others will be less certain, adding Hasnat’s name to the list of conspirators, the 32,000 close associates, 12,786 confidants and 49,786 suspects.

Not all have written a book or been asked to address the inquest. Yet…

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