Anorak | Richard Hammond’s Organ Recital: Daily Mirror Wins

Richard Hammond’s Organ Recital: Daily Mirror Wins

by | 4th, March 2008

pm-and-hammond-200.jpgNEWSPAPERS love little more than a campaign.

It gives their columnists something to write about other then their children, and allows the paper to quote itself a source of irrefutable and expert fact.

In today’s Mirror readers learn that the paper’s No To The Toll Tax campaign has won the day. The “controversial” pay-as-you-go toll tax is to be “axed”. Satellites will not track cars and charge by the mile.

Says the Mirror’s boy racer Richard Hammond: “This is a great victory.”

“REAL CAMPAIGNS,” says the Mirror. “REAL STORIES. REAL RESULTS.” The Hammond Report gts results.

Nothing fake here. No pictures of a British squaddie urinating on his Iraqi captive. No fiction. The Mirror newspaper sticks to the real.

And the real news is that the petition Richard Hammond handed to outgoing Prime Minister Tony Blair last year has had a real impact.

Not only did Blair leave power soon after, not only did Blair get to meet another celebrity, but now the Government says it has listened to the real people and the plan for an unworkable and expensive satellite tracking for all cars will not be made real.

The plan now is for the hard shoulder to be used as a fourth lane as busy times. Ruth Kelly, the Transport Secretary, will say: “The current hard shoulders will be replaced by ‘emergency refuges’ every 500 metres to allow drivers with car trouble to pull out of traffic.”

No longer will drivers seeking asylum from their faulty engines be forced to park across the central reservation or in the fast lane. It is a victory for common sense and the status quo.

And had Anorak campaigned for it, it would be victory for us…

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