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Jermain Defoe’s Little Miss Giggle

by | 4th, March 2008

sarah-giggle.jpgFOOTBALLER Jermain Defoe’s “latest conquest” is called Sarah Giggle.

The Star shows Little Miss Giggle at Faces nightclub in Essex. She is wearing a T-shirt bearing the legend: “EVERY GUY I’VE MET LATELY IS A W*NKER SO DO BOTH OF US A FAVOUR AND F**K RIGHT OFF!!”

Has only Katharine Hamnett thought of it first, the T-shirt would be mass produced and on the cover of the Times. But it appears to have been made by House Of TipEx or a Miss At Magic Marker.

On first glance the message seems clear, an invaluable insight into Miss Giggles’ state of mind. But when we learn that she met Mr Defoe at a fetish party, it takes on the appearance of a kink.

Why else place the words “GUY”, “W*NKER” and “F*CK” on your body?

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