Anorak | Generation Green Fights To Save Santa Claus, Turtles And Polar Bears

Generation Green Fights To Save Santa Claus, Turtles And Polar Bears

by | 4th, March 2008

hummer-pinata.jpgA LOOK at Generation Green, the tweenie warmists seeing the end of life on Earth in all they do and see:

“MY hopeless mother is obsessed with plastic bags,” says Soren, a third-grader and “huge fan” of Al Gore’s global warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

“A lot of plastic can’t be recycled,” says his sister. “The turtles can get suffocated and it can go into the water. My dad gave her a cloth bag but she doesn’t use it. Plastic drives me nuts!”

The Orlando Sentinel says these are the youngest eco-activists learning to save the Earth since preschool.

Tiffany Bluemle 8-year-old son, Will, wanted a “global warming” birthday party last year. He got a “cake decorated as Earth, a bike-repair workshop for his guests and a pinata in the shape of a gas-guzzling Hummer that partygoers beat to the ground”.

Amanda Brosius, 6, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, recently watched a television special on the plight of polar bears losing their icy hunting grounds to global warming. Soon after, she could hear the shower running way too long in the apartment above, where a 7-year-old friend lives. The boy’s long, water-guzzling showers prompted her to speak up.

“He doesn’t care about the polar bears, but I do,” Amanda says. “We’re running out of fresh water and if you don’t be careful the ice will never get frozen and the polar bears will have nowhere to go. Santa will have nowhere to live.”

Santa and global warming. Anyone else see the link..?

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