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Celebrity Charity Cases, Starring Leona Lewis

by | 10th, March 2008

celebrity-charity.pngWHAT would celebrities do without Africa and charity?

Charity worked wonders for Mother Theresa, giving her a lasting fame. And it can work wonders for you.

If Lady Macbeth were around today, she’d be fronting a campaign for more exercise books in Rwandan schools, teenage acne and organic detergent.

No need to buy one of Jimmy Savile’s old tracksuits from a charity shop, or give money, not when a flight to Africa is so cheep, and the poor so available.

So here’s TV singer Leona Lewis in Africa.

Says the Sun: “WIDE-EYED Nyah Ngugu looks up at singing star Leona Lewis as the pair do a traditional African dance wearing matching grass skirts. Beaming as the song draws to an end the angelic six-year-old gives Leona a huge hug. Nyah is overwhelmed. Yet it is not Leona’s star status that has captivated her, she does not know who she is – it is that the stranger is willing to hug and hold hands with all the little ones at the care centre near Johannesburg, who are all affected by HIV and AIDS.”

And not just any stranger, but a stranger who has taken the time to fly over on a big metal bird and bring with her a man with magic picture taker and some clean white T-shirts.

Lapping up the attention from Leona, smiling Nyah is blissfully unaware the pictures she poses for are vital to the Sport Relief fund-raising campaign.

It is Nyah lapping up the attention, and not Leona, who is there in a giving capacity.

But now she must go. The children are booked in to meet David Beckham at 2:30, Madanna at 3pm and a party of students from the Italia Conti stage school studying for their GCSE module in Caring…

Charity is all to the good. It is good deeds. People are helped. Leona Lewis is undoubtedly touched by her time among the poor and sick of Africa. But where Bob Geldof’s spontaneity was heartfelt, intoxicating and exciting, celebrities now plan their celebrity strategies with the cynical precision of a well-run marketing campaign…

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