Anorak | Bishop Carl Cooper And The Church of England’s Good Sex Guide

Bishop Carl Cooper And The Church of England’s Good Sex Guide

by | 10th, March 2008

nativity-scene.jpgBISHOP Carl Cooper is “being probed over his link to a married woman vicar”. Ooer.

Two naughty vicar stories in one Sun story. All good things come to he who waits. Amen.

And better. Bishops Carl is father to “binge-drinking daughters”. Glory be!

Lora is pictured dressed as a bunny girl and as a “gangster’s whore” in sexy stockings. The Sun looks at Laura’s Bebo page and sees that she has “tried pole-dancing, snogged another girl and once drank so much she blacked out”.

Why pay Page 3 girls when Bebo provides them for free?

Lora says one of her favourite sports is “running away from the police”.
Her sister Emma, 17, says she loves lager “coz it gets me p***** well easy”.

Twenty-three clergymen in Wales have voiced concerns at the friendship of Bishop Cooper, 47, of St David’s in Pembrokeshire, and mum-of-two Rev Mandy Williams-Potter, 38.

The “pretty brunette” insists it is “coincidence” she is splitting from her husband Chris after 13 years.

Not entirely incidentally the Sun looks at the Church of England’s good sex guide.

The handbook, called Growing Together, gives candid advice on married life and tells couples to talk about their “turn-ons and turn-offs”.

It says: “Sex, far from being naughty, is something holy and wonderful and something to be celebrated. Like any other skill, it has to be learned. . . be each other’s teacher.”
The guide uses scenarios to give advice. One says: “Kevin and Mandy had been married 18 months and worried that they had not conceived a child.

(Names have been altered to protect the innocent.)

“It turned out they had never had full intercourse.”

Nor had they met the Bishop and his children…

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