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Prince Harry Reloaded In Lego

by | 12th, March 2008

lego-prince-harry.pngIT’S “Rambo royal Prince Harry”.

War changes you. That much is certain. Gone are Prince Harry Baseball Cap’s twinkling eyes, his ruddy complexion and his toothsome grin.

In its place are the alloyed features of a warrior. Eyes are black pits, windows on an inner hell. Unblinking. Staring. Not there. The skin is yellow, jaundiced by his time on the frontline.

Harry seems no longer a man. He is a shell. Hollow.

Canadian artist Sarah Mackenzie has produced an effigy of this new Harry.

“I came up with the idea for Harry after seeing him on the news,” she says. “He looked like a real person, his hair unkempt and rugged facial hair. Canadians have strong ties to the Royal Family and I think it was a morale booster. It’s nice to see a Royal down and dirty, and not because of a polo match.”

To Ms Mackenzie’s mind Harry is no more human, and no less human, than a Lego action figure.

Some artistic licence is evident in her equipping Harry with a black machine-gun, a helmet, goggles, and a backpack for his grenades and binoculars, but take them away and Harry could be a Britsh soldier.

But something other than human…

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