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Britain’s Celebrity Police Force: An Evening With Jeremy Clarkson

by | 12th, March 2008

jeremy-clarkson1.jpgYESTERDAY the Mirror showed its readers its front-page picture of Jeremy Clarkson driving a car with what looked like a mobile phone held to an ear.

Today, the Mirror says: “COPS TO QUIZ THE BERK IN A MERC.”

Right now Britain’s celebrity police force are analysing the Mirror’s picture of the BBC TV presenter in his car.

Says Superintendent Mike Doyle: “Using a mobile while driving is extremely dangerous and has the same effect on a person’s ability to drive as being just over the drink-driving limit.”

Adding: “If we had enough evidence that we thought could be supported in court, we would take action.”

The Supt. should put the picture of Clarkson up on a wall at the police station. Here’s another celebrity that makes the police look on the ball and ready to strike.

No crime is too small for our coppers. A Superintendent looks into the case of a man suspected of driving while on the phone.

The message is clear: If you are the victim of a crime or suspect a crime, tell the police one of the villains looks like Peter Doherty, and that you are being comforted by whatshername from Dancing On Ice.

They will be round in a trice…

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