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Eliot Spitzer, The Briton And The Waterbottle Scandal

by | 15th, March 2008

sexy-water-bottle.jpgWHEN Eliot Spitzer was exposed as a member of a prostitute club, Britons responded by issuing a collective gasp, shocked that the boy from the ET films had grown up to be an adulterous perv.

After much nodding and the shaking of heads, we read on and learned that this Eliot is not a former film star recovering after the groupie years. Further digging and Eliot Spitzer is revealed as a politico in New York.

The story might end there, a scratch on the political bedpost. But the Sun gives the news relevancy by introducing a Britisher into the fray.

Says the paper: “The hunt is on for a rich Brit revealed as Client 6 of the global vice ring that brought down New York’s governor.”

Client No.6. All good scandals need a codename – The Third Man, The Hand Of God, Watergate. Given the level of interest in this story, the time difference between the UK and New York, and the appearance of a randy Britisher, we’d like to name this the Waterbottle Scandal.

It turns out that the Emporers Club is an international affair with an office in West London.

The paper says that FBI “tapped calls to Client 6, who paid a £500 deposit for a 9am meeting in London with “Astrid” on January 12.”

Who can the client be? The paper says the “mega-rich Duke of Westminster allegedly used the agency”, but it’s not him. Says a source: “The Duke of Westminster was on a hunting weekend on January 12 and denies any dealings with Astrid.”

We wonder. Does our patron Old Mr Anorak know? We approach the door to his chambers. “Release the hounds,” comes the command from within. And the sound of a saxophone can be heard…

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