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52-Stone Man Digs His Own Grave

by | 15th, March 2008

digging-own-grave.jpgIT takes four hours to lower the body of Christian Jeffrey into the ground.

The Mail says a solitary “good Samaritan” attended the 29-year-old’s council-paid funeral service.

Jeffrey is not the last but one man on Earth. Jeffrey is – was – 52-stone.

Gravediggers spent five days preparing the 4ft 8ins x 7ft 8ins hole for Mr Jeffrey and a 4ft x 7ft coffin, made of a reinforced MDF.

Dave Butler, cemetery groundsman, tells us: “There have been six of us working on the site and all our backs are aching. It’s been the biggest job I’ve been involved in by a long way. It usually takes us two days at most to prepare graves – and that’s when they’ve been dug by hand. This one has taken us five days and we had the use of a digger. It has been a real team effort.”

Sad times. RIP, Mr Jeffrey. But we cannot help that this was an opportunity missed.

In the drooling maw of what we are told is an obesity crisis, surely some oversight that Sarah Ferguson was not invited to attend, and the ceremony not forming the central plank is an Trevor McDonald TV special.

Mr Jeffrey should not have been lowered into a readymade pit but used as part of a scientific experiment to see if the fat really are digging their own graves. Look on as Mr Jeffrey is raised to great height by the Great BRtian Tug-o-War team and then let go.

Can he make it to six feet under, even after heavy rain?

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