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Basil Brush With The Law: A Fox’s Tail

by | 16th, March 2008

basil-brush.jpgSAYS the MAIL: “Basil Brush probed by police over ‘racist abuse’ in gipsy spell sketch.”

Dame Rosie Fortune has just moved into a flat above Basil and Mr Stephen’s. Basil, a stuffed fox is sat before Dame Rosie. She offers to tell Basil’s fortune.

Says Basil: “I went to a fortune teller once and he said I was going on a long journey.” When Mr Stephen asks what happens, Basil replies: “He stole my wallet and I had to walk all the way home.”

Joseph Jones, vice-chairman of the Southern England Romany, Gipsy and Irish Traveller Network, says: “This sort of thing happens quite regularly and we are fed up with making complaints about stereotypical comments about us in words that we find racist or offensive. Racist abuse of black people is quite rightly no longer deemed acceptable, but when a comedian makes a joke on TV about pikeys or gippos, there’s no comeback.”

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman says: “We can confirm that we received a complaint from a member of the public about a TV show featuring Basil Brush. It was logged as an offence of a racist nature.”

Basil is unavailable for comment. But it is Anorak’s opinion that he should be given a ten minutes head start and then hunted down by a pack of hounds and men on horseback.

However a spokesman for the focus group Vile Representation In Media And News (VERMIN) says: “For too long foxes have been portrayed as cunning, accused of engaging in blood sports, massacring chickens and knockabout humour.”

He is also upset that wherever he goes he is greeted by complete strangers coming up to him and yelling “Boom! Boom!”. As you can appreciate, in the current climate of fear and terrorism this is last thing any right-minded person or fox would want.

As such, we expect Mr Brush to consult with his handlers Messrs Thomas and Terry, and take into account character witness statements from Mr Roy, Mr Derek and Mr Stephens…

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