Anorak | Finland MP Wants ‘Love Vacation’ For Workers And An Identity

Finland MP Wants ‘Love Vacation’ For Workers And An Identity

by | 16th, March 2008

moomins.gifMORE new from the Finnish parliament where MP Tommy Tabermann (SDP) wants to grant all employees a paid 7-day annual “love vacation”.

During the seven days, couples could devote themselves to each other ”both at an erotic and emotional level” and ”find their way back to the path of love in order to find the wellspring of love again”.

Some MPs suspected that the proposal might discriminate against single persons, but others said that a love vacation would be the privilege of all, even the singles and the single parents.

Whether this is a good idea or not, we hesitate to say, more interested in how Finland is developing a repututaion as a European oddity.

The country formerty known as Finland Nil Pointsm needs a new identity, losing much of its international profile when Lordi won the Eurovsion song contest in 2006 and when the Moomins disappeared from children’s TV.

The country’s politicians are now vying to make Finland interesting to outsiders.

Matti Vanhanen, Finland’s prime minister, is partial to:

Matti Vanhanen, 52, prime minister since 2003, has been enjoying a wave of support since the disclosure that he likes to take a sauna before sex and enjoys his favourite meal of beef and baked potatoes afterwards.

And Finnish government bureaucrat Mikko Puumalainen wants to establish a Chinese-style governmental firewall on the internet to prevent Finns from reading websites that ‘strive to maintain an anti-immigrant political climate’ by e.g. publishing facts such as official statistics on crime rates.

The hope is that Finland can rise from mediocrity and come to stand for something…

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