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Famous Five Go To Disney Land

by | 20th, March 2008

famousfive.jpgIF the Famous Five are to undergo a successful reinvention they need to reflect the times in which they live, and connect with today’s youth.

The Mail says that Enid Blyton’s gang of five have been transferred to the Disney Empire. Julian, Anne, Dick and George have become Jo, Max, Dylan and Allie.

Only Timmy the dog remains unaltered, although after last summer’s rave (Five Go Off In A Caravan) he often gets a far away look in his eye and barks at 128 beats per minute.

Not everyone is best pleased at the changes, and the Mail manages to find those who are not. Enid Blyton’s biographer Barbara Stanley says: “I don’t think Enid Blyton would have appreciated too much the mucking around with her stuff.”


Tony Summerfield, of the Enid Blyton Society, adds: “The only loose connection is that they are the Famous Five’s offspring.”

The news of the Famous Five procreating is surely a sign of how things have changed. And it is a damning verdict on modern society that parents and children now only hare a loose connection.

Look out for cameo appearances from teenage mum Anne (Five Get Into Trouble), Dick, father to all the new gang, Max’s biological mum George and Julian wrestling an addiction to alcopops brought on by lashings of ginger beer…

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