Anorak | Nurse Kim Walker Whips Off Her Killer Primark Knickers

Nurse Kim Walker Whips Off Her Killer Primark Knickers

by | 21st, March 2008

nurse-knickers.jpgKIM Walker went into severe anaphylactic shock after “squeezing into a pair of tummy-slimming pants”.

The Sun says Walker bought her big knickers in a Primark shop. The near-death experiences keep on coming.

Walker, a nurse, noticed a rash appear while on duty. Says the paper: “Kim whipped the knickers off and tried to control the reaction with anti-histamine tablets.”

She had to be injected with adrenalin as her “throat closed and she gasped for breath”.

Says Walker: “Anaphylactic shock is life-threatening. Luckily, I was in A&E and got adrenalin. I can laugh now but it was very scary when I couldn’t breathe. It will be quite a tale to tell my two-year-old daughter when she’s older – mummy’s mad pants episode.”

Such is the security in our hospitals we imagine the incident was caught on CCTV camera. Should the Sun obtain a copy and feature it on its website, we imagine many readers will appreciate the health and safety message as a nurse removes her knickers.

If Walker can pose for the paper holding her killer knickers in an aggrieved manner, then so very much the better for the family album…

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