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Miley Cyrus Does It All For Jesus

by | 24th, March 2008

MILEY Cyrus is not the name of a nuclear reactor in the American mid-West, but a bouncy teenaged singer-cum-actress.

Miley Cyrus and best friend Mandy Jiroux are on The Miley and Mandy Show answering
questions from teenaged fans, men in caravan parks and the chap with the bad skin rash who used to hang out at the Happyland amusement arcade.

People magazine says Miley and Mandy are “squeaky-clean”. If they released an eponymous scent it would smell of new car mats and the stuff the dentist gives you to rinse with.

The questions are coming thick and thicker. One fan wants to know if the girls are Christian.

“Yes, we are,” they chime, not bothering to wonder why a stranger should ask about their religion. Might he be a Muslim fundamentalist just checking before he blows them up, a missionary looking for some cash or Dr Rowan Williams tuning in hoping to hear about his alter ego Robbie?

No time to wait. Miley Cyrus is in full flow. “We love Jesus!” Cyrus, 15, says. “Jesus rocks! She dances for Jesus. I sing, dance and act for Jesus! … Now that I think about it, I do everything for Jesus. We make the YouTube videos for Jesus. We’re all about it.”

Buying Miley’s record is buying a record for Jesus. And that if you don’t buy Miley’s record, you are going against Jesus.

Next question…

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