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UnChristian Plans To Teach Koran In Schools

by | 25th, March 2008

car-bomb-school.jpg“FURY OVER PLAN TO TEACH KORAN IN SCHOOL,” says the Express on its front page.

Before going on we should warn the Express that you can slander an entire people’s, and the blood libel has been used to facilitate the mass slaughter of Jews for some time. Although, they are unlikely to sue.

The “World’s Greatest Newspaper” did not rise to the fore by flinching in the face of legal niceties and continues to cock an ear to goings on within the National Union of Teachers’ staff room.

Amid the fugue of smoke, sexual tension and frustrated ambition, the Express hears words to the effect of: “State schools should be forced to open their doors to Islamic preachers teaching the Koran”.

This will of course lead to all sort of bother, specifically more inter-school fights, with the largely Koran-ignorant private school pupils shouldering their combined cadet force standard issue .22 rifles and aiming at the state school mob and their suicide bombs vests.

Also discussed is the move for all “religious schools – almost all of them Christian – should have to admit pupils from other faiths”.

The paper says Shadow Childrens’ Secretary Michael Gove “condemned the call”. He says: “Faith schools provide children with an excellent education because their distinctive ethos helps to instil good values and respect for others.”

Respect for others is one thing, but to have some Red Sea Pedestrian, Reincarnated Hindu goat or fat–eared Buddhist in the class is something desperately unholy and, lest it go unsaid, unchristian…

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