Anorak | Scaling The Heights: When Carla Bruni And Prince Philip’s Eyes Met

Scaling The Heights: When Carla Bruni And Prince Philip’s Eyes Met

by | 27th, March 2008

bruni-sarkozy-sex.jpgNICOLAS Sarkozy is sharing the platform (heels) with Her Majesty, Prince Philip and Carla Bruni.

La Bruni is not with Phil but the Guardian’s front-page picture of her looking at the Queen’s consort, a smile playing across her lips, suggests she longs to be. While Philip smiles broadly, Carla’s eyes sparkle. Sarkozy is looking into the camera, a man unnerved.

The Telegraph’s snips Sarkozy away and features only Phil’s noble profile and Bruni’s gaze. “Britain is enchanted by Madame Sarkozy,” says the Express on its cover. And Madame Sarkozy is enchanted by a Briton.

On the Times’ cover, Bruni is with Her Majesty, who is talking and pointing something out. But Carla has only eyes for Liz, her head a whirl of what hold this woman has over Philip, and how it can be slackened.

As the paper’s headline says: “When the Queen met Madame le President”. It’s a Lloyd-George-knew-my-father moment.

The Scotsman’s picture captures Her Majesty is in chin-jutting mode, an expression of swallowed-wasp on her face. Bruni looks up, a beatified vision. Her Majesty is thinking, wondering, even. Ms Bruni lives in Paris, where the tunnels are.

“Is Carla Bruni the new Princess Diana?” asks the Telegraph.

What chance Bruni and Phil making a go of it? Bruni is 5ft 11in. President Sarkozy is a miniature 5ft 6in, augmented by 2in elevator heels.

The Independent leads with a picture of Bruni’s flat heels. Her shoes may be a barometer of her marital state – lower for the good times; heels for when troubles hit.

Towering stilettos when Phil invites her to dance…

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