Anorak | War With The Newts: The Daily Mail Declares

War With The Newts: The Daily Mail Declares

by | 27th, March 2008

warwiththenewts.jpgWHEN the flood comes, and the newts declare war, whose side will you be on?

Of men and amphibians, the Mail has news of John and Margie Histed, forced to live in a caravan in the grounds of their “£1million home”. Forced from their home in Dauntsey, Wiltshire, by the newts.

Last July, a drainage ditch which runs through the Histeds’ garden became blocked and burst its banks. Three feet of water flowed into their home. Repairs were needed. Readers learn that they were just starting the final stages of repairs when a new flood struck. It then emerged that the drainage ditch is still blocked.

The Histeds wanted to unblock the ditch. But there are great crested newts there. There will be a three-month survey starting in June.

“I know it’s the law but it’s very frustrating and bordering on the ridiculous that the fate of newts takes precedence over humans,” says Mrs Histed.

Anorak has sent this story to Mister Povondra, whose collection of newspaper cuttings about the newts is unsurpassed.

He wants us to look out for more newt headlines and for “When Newts Attack”…

Comments section:

How stupid can you get. A newt..I ask you..are we going mad…save the newts. I would take a shovel dig them up and throw them in the nearest field.
– Victor Arram, Westcliff on Sea

Surely a drainage ditch is not the newt’s natural habitat? It is outrageous that a family are to be without their home for so long because of a three inch newt.
Bridget, Oregon. U.S.A.

I’d move back in regardless and if the newts want to stay they can pay rent.
– Rose, Co Cork, Ireland

Is it possible to insure against the presence of newts?
– Sue, Darlington, England

I don’t give a hoot for the newt. Let these people have their home back, people first animals way down the line.
– Lynne Butler, Wellingborough, Northants

Policies like this cause people to destroy habitat for the endangered animals instead of protecting it: cut down your trees and hedges and pave your garden or else someday a government busybody will find the dropping of some endangered animal in your yard and use that as the reason to take your house away from you. And what if you actually find an endangered animal yourself? In many areas the procedure is called “shoot, shovel, and shut up”: destroy the evidence and never talk about it or else you’ll lose your property with no compensation.
– Vmw, Omaha, USA


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