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Must Know Stories About Trendy Vicars

by | 27th, March 2008

jesus-cool.jpegHERE comes the god-awful trendy vicar.

The Rev Robert Harrison has written a book – Must Know Stories, contains retellings of ten Bible stories.

The modern vicar is a marketing man in dog collar (or God Tags) and turned-up black jeans. If Satan could devise a figure more likely to cause humanity to run screaming into his arms Anorak has yet to find it; and, yes, we’ve seen Anthea Turner and Noel Edmonds at work.

In his tome, Rob says Goliath was a celebrity binge drinker, Eve a sex-obsessed man-eater and Noah’s wife wants to kill him.

Says Bobby: “They should know them – not as a matter of religion but as a matter of cultural education. I wanted to write a book that tells the most important Bible stories in a way that relishes them rather than tries to make any particular religious point. After all, who knows what the point is?

Always good when a religious figure says religion doesn’t matter. It puts Anorak in mind of the patient asking his doctor if it hurts. “Only when I laugh,” says the doctor. “And when you’re screaming in agony for your damned, disbelieving soul”…

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