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Carla Bruni, Sakorzy And The Randy Tabloid Freebie

by | 28th, March 2008

carla-bruni.jpgROB Grainge writes for freebie London newspaper No.23891, The London Paper. He has interviewed Carla Bruni, Nicolas Sarkozy’s pleasure boat.

“Modelling is using the body and only the body”, says Bruni, interviews last year when she was another jobbing model-celebrity-singer.

Says Grainge: “And you have a beautiful one, I might add.”
“Thank you,” she stutters, laughing. I’m clearly a sleazebag. Professionalism is dwindling. She then compares making music to the process of attraction.

“When you’re attracted to someone, it’s hard to explain, you can say you’re attracted to this girl ’cause she is pretty, intelligent and charming…”

“You have all those qualities, Carla,” I interrupt to gush. “Thank you, I’m liking this interview very much,” she says. “You’re almost like an Italian man.”

The kind of Italian mum who pinches you goose’s your sister and lives with his mum.

I dive straight in. “Your album cover is you sitting on a cushion reading a book in a frock. Were you wearing any knickers at the time?”

One thing leads to another and Bruni gives Grainge her number?

Unfortunately, Carla never did call. And when I texted her she didn’t reply. The next thing I heard she was going out with the President of France.

Must have misdialled…

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