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Keith Richards Remembers

by | 31st, March 2008

kipper.JPGKEITH Richards is writing his autobiography.

“I can’t even remember yesterday,” says Keith. Adding: “You have to drag things out of your memory. Some of it you don’t want to remember and others you’ve totally forgotten, so you end up trying to put your life together again.”

Luckily, most of Keith’s life seems to be same day in day out. If he can nail what he did on day one – wake up; smoke refer; be as much unlike Mick Jagger as possible; tell a journalist how not in the least bit like Mick Jagger he is; sleep – he’s cracked it.

Of course, that’s the Keith Richards we all know. If we want to know what went before, what made him a star, we should listen to they who knew him in his formative years.

It was his mum Doris who told a reporter: “Keith was very chubby. He was squat, had fat little legs and always seemed to have a cold.”

What happened to Keith in the intervening years may need some investigating, or just quick a chat with Mick Jagger…

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