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Taxi Unfair For Paul Gascoigne

by | 1st, April 2008

gazza_taxi.jpgNO publication should overestimate the intelligence of its readers, and in a story on how “TROUBLED” Paul Gascoigne allegedly did a runner from a taxi fare, the paper produces a picture of a black cab.

The story is that Gazza missed a train from Newcastle to Birmingham so hailed a black cab. The trip cost £400 in the Sun, or £350 in the Mirror.

The cab’s driver, one Hanzale Aziz (named in the Mirror as Adnan Aziz), claims the former England footballer behaved “erratically” during the journey.

Says Aziz: “He asked where his wine was. He was eating bag after bag of Doritos crisps – opening them by banging his hands together so the bags burst and the crisps were going everywhere.

“He also had this tub of food in a leather holdall. He put it on the seat. He said it was frozen curry, then Chinese. We were in the car so long it defrosted a bit and made a mess.

At journey’s end, a bill was produced. Gazza said he had no money. Says Aziz: “He was so aggressive that I got to my car, locked the doors and rang cops. I was terrified.”

Aziz concludes: “It cost me a lot – the fare, petrol and the income I missed.”

All shocking stuff. And all illustrated a by picture of a black taxi cab.

Dennis Wise has been notified…

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