Anorak | Cristiano Ronaldo Learns From Ryan Giggs’ Mistakes

Cristiano Ronaldo Learns From Ryan Giggs’ Mistakes

by | 3rd, April 2008

cristiano-ronaldo-crack.jpgCRISTIANO Ronaldo was just 14 years old when Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs removed his shirt in celebration.

What many at first thought to be a pet monkey strapped to Giggs’ torso turned out to be genuine hair. On his chest.

At a joint emergency meeting of the Football Association and Premier League’s respective marketing boards it was decide that it should never happen again.

While it would be problematic to ban hair growth, there would be penalties for any player caught removing his shirt in a goal celebration (yellow card) or on a beach in Marbella (loss of razor blade contract).

Ronaldo took note. He practiced hard. He juggled balls. He perfected flicks and tricks. He learned how to say “Good day, a back, crack and sack, my man, please” in near-perfect Ingleeesh.

In time, he would go on to inherit Giggs’ position at Manchester United, but not his look. As the Sun reports, Ronaldo waxes his chest to a deep and lustrous shine.

Zoe, 25, from London takes the opportunity to show readers her own waxed chest and say: “I think a man who takes prided in his appearance should be applauded.”

And thousands of Manchester United fans agree…

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